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Monthly Recap

Monthly Recap
July 7, 2023

June Recap 2023

As the sun sets on springtime, the events continue at a high frequency around the city. We were thrilled to be engaged with so many of them as we filled our month of June. Here's…
Monthly Recap
June 7, 2023

May Recap 2023

With an average of one event every 2.5 days, May was a busier month than most. While the frequency of events was high, so too was the level of complexity. From thousands of walkers on…
Monthly Recap
October 13, 2022

Conference Season!

From Financial Technology to Minimally Invasive Epicardial Pacing, we’ve learned a lot this fall. It’s a great time for businesses and industries to visit Boston, and our team has been hard at work with an…
Monthly Recap
October 31, 2019

October wrap-up

We may be the only people in the town who could plan a Halloween party before we could plan a Halloween costume. We’re likely to show up to your Halloween party in a Conventures shirt…