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Meet the Conventures Team

We believe in delivering a true team approach. We work together—sharing our
individual skills and experience to fulfill the promise of every project.

David Choate

Vice President and COO

Ted Breslin

Vice President and CFO

Kathleen Chrisom

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Joy Bannon

Account Director, Special Events

Emily Fabbiano

Assistant Account Coordinator, Special Events

Erin FitzPatrick

Senior Graphic Designer

Alex Greathouse

In Memoriam

David Grilk

Director of Sports Events

Alex Mrusek

Assistant Account Coordinator, Sports Events

Katie Nugent

Assistant Account Coordinator, Sports Events

Antonio Nunziante

Director of International Projects

Rachael Patten

Account Manager, Special Events

T.K. Skenderian

Director of Marketing and Communications

Tyler Skenderian

Account Executive, Special Events

Caroline Strouss

Account Director, Special Events

Aric Tao

Senior Staff Accountant