Meet the Team
November 18, 2019

Meet Rachael!

Meet Conventures! Part of an ongoing blog series to introduce you to all the great people who make up our team. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to get to know us a bit better. Rachael Patten…
Monthly Recap
October 31, 2019

October wrap-up

We may be the only people in the town who could plan a Halloween party before we could plan a Halloween costume. We’re likely to show up to your Halloween party in a Conventures shirt…
Meet the Team
August 2, 2019

Meet Annie!

Hometown: Marblehead, MA. Years at Conventures: 2. When did you start working here? And B.C. (Before Conventures) — work, school? I started as a post-grad intern here in August 2017 before going full time that…
Monthly Recap
August 1, 2019

Fly by July

Sometimes you dodge the heat waves, sometimes you plow right through them With the Mercury UP and summer in full swing, we were all over with the planning for a very busy fall and on-site…
July 8, 2019

Inside “The Stretch” – Managing 10 events in 13 days

When it rains it pours May is usually a month where we’re running on high gear. Our team tackled 13 events during May, including 10 in 13 days. “The Stretch” included thousands of walkers, dozens of dignitaries, speaking timelines, headsets, stage management, flag protocol, shiny shovels, miles of roadway, and at least one baseball hall-of-famer. After catching their breath, we caught up with some team members who made it happen.…