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Inside “The Stretch” – Managing 10 events in 13 days

By July 8, 2019December 1st, 2023Event Planning, Events
When it rains it pours

May is usually a month where we’re running on high gear. Our team tackled 13 events during May, including 10 in 13 days. “The Stretch” included thousands of walkers, dozens of dignitaries, speaking timelines, headsets, stage management, flag protocol, shiny shovels, miles of roadway, and at least one baseball hall-of-famer. After catching their breath, we caught up with some team members who made it happen.

1. 51st Annual Project Bread Walk for Hunger – Sunday, May 5

Thousands gathered at Boston Common on May 5 to raise money at the 51st Walk for Hunger and 5K Run. The annual event helps Project Bread invest in hundreds of anti-hunger programs across Massachusetts, and it was the first time Conventures served as the operational lead for the event. Our sports team captain David Grilk dispatched the team to manage the event. “With 20 miles of roadway, two major event sites, and five cities and towns along the route, we needed to make sure that a lot of people and agencies were on the same page,” says Grilk. “Across such a vast area, there were two elements that were most important; everyone knowing their role to the best of their abilities and strong communication. There were extensive plans put into place by our team members on course equipment distribution, signage distribution, event site registration, and VIP hospitality, and programming. Our team members who oversaw those key roles knew every aspect of what was needed to be done in those specific areas. All those areas need to tie into one, and that’s where strong communication comes in to play—we knew when each checkpoint was set up on the course, when each police detail was in place, and had the roads closed of traffic. All of this was captured and controlled from our ‘Net Control’ system which served as a command center.”

2. Feast with 45 – Sunday, May 5

Later that afternoon, we helped Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez and his wife Carolina host a day at the ballpark with their third annual Feast with 45 fundraiser at Fenway Park. The Feast with featured great music and food from 30 of Boston’s top chefs, and the Conventures team, led by Aric Tao, helped check in all event guests to get their night started off on the right foot. “Our experience with our technology and fundraising events helps us mold our registration set-up for any situation,” said Tao. “Every event venue calls for proper positioning and asset deployment to maximize line flow and efficiency. All of our clients are unique, but each expect a tight operation for check-in, and I’m pleased with how we delivered.”

3 & 4. NACD Director of the Year Awards – Monday, May 6 and Thursday, May 9

The week brought our team over state lines as we helped organize the NACD annual Director of the Year Awards dinners for its New England and New Jersey Chapters. Led by Katelyn Connolly and a team of Conventures pros, we called the shots on décor, timeline, and implementation. “The most important thing about pulling off these two events successfully is staying in constant communication with vendors and program participants,” says Connolly. “There are a lot of moving parts with both events, and it is imperative that everyone is in sync and your vendors are fully aware of their deliverables and the event timeline.”

“In working with one venue that we knew, the Seaport Hotel, and one we didn’t, in the Pleasantdale Chateau in New Jersey, we were faced with both familiar and new hurdles, all of which we could overcome. With any awards dinner of this size, the most important thing we try to accomplish is to keep the event program on time. I think we did that very well.”