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3 days work in 1 minute: Cirque du Soleil sets up across from our offices

By May 27, 2014September 24th, 2018Photography

We keep trying to up our time-lapse game with our new GoPro camera. The challenge is often finding something dramatic and easily accessible to shoot.

This past week, we lucked out on both accounts as Cirque du Soleil came to town and set up its big top just a couple blocks over from our home in the Boston Seaport neighborhood. The view from our seventh-floor windows provided a nice vantage point for capturing the action.

What you see in the time-lapse video is edited down from more than 6000 images shot every thirty seconds over approximately two and half days. We grabbed the music from – a great site for finding music of all different styles and moods that can be used as long as the artist gets appropriate attribution.

The jumps in the video are admittedly a little distracting and are due to moving the camera slightly when removing and downloading the memory card each day. But it provides a good lesson on just how much a small movement of the camera can “jump” the video’s framing rather dramatically. Solutions for that include a better recording of camera’s exact original position as well as better camera brackets or a tripod. (I guess the tissue boxes weren’t the ideal base for this.)

We’ll keep working on capturing our events and our world around us in different ways. What’s worked for you? If you have any thoughts, ideas or advice, we’d love to hear them!

BTW, are you going to Cirque? It opens in Boston this Thursday! ?