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Things we’ve learned from our mothers

By May 8, 2020August 3rd, 2021Conventures

Moms. Superheroes. The real MVPs. Either way you look at it, we would not be the people we are without the love, care, and guidance our moms have provided us.

While there are surely a million lessons we have learned from our mothers, here are a few of the lessons our team has learned:

“My mom taught me to always put your best foot forward, to say yes to unique opportunities that present themselves, and to always be kind.”

—Caroline Strouss, Account Executive Special Events

“Never settle for anything, and to always work hard to achieve more. Through her, I learned you can always find ways to better yourself by learning new skills, gaining new experiences, volunteering, etc.”

—James Son, Assistant Account Coordinator Sports Events

“Treat everyone with the same amount of respect– from the doorman to the CEO and everyone in-between!”

—Brooke Maher, Account Executive Sports Events

“One of the biggest lessons that has stayed with me has been to surround myself with people who make me happy, because life is nothing without that!”

—Anna Hegberg, Assistant Account Coordinator Special Events

“For starters, she taught me how to wash my hands! But she also taught me that a good support system is invaluable.”

—Austin Doering, Account Executive Special Events

“To depend on my own hard work and determination to be successful.”

—Rachael Patten, Assistant Account Coordinator Special Events

“Be as kind as you can be to everyone you meet!”

—Samantha Croteau, Account Manager Special Events

“My mom taught me the importance of gratitude and the power of a well written thank you note.”

—Rebecca Daniels, Manager of Digital Marketing

“My mom encourages me to live life to the fullest, by teaching me the importance of a single moment. Whether I was stepping onto the field for a game, spending time with family and friends or just taking time to myself, I always remember to make every moment count.”

—Elizabeth Dennehy, Assistant Account Coordinator

“She taught me how to be independent and take care of myself. As a kid I hated having to do so many chores, but really appreciated it once I got to college. She says she definitely did not teach me to cook, though! 😉 ”

—Erin FitzPatrick, Senior Graphic Designer